Forestry and Agriculture

Activities carried out under the Thematic Centre on Forestry and Agriculture included the review of existing studies in order to reveal knowledge gaps. These gaps were then targeted through pilot studies, including modelling and scenario development. In addition, relevant policies were reviewed in order to identify the constraints they place on climate change adaptation.

Two pilot studies were carried out under the thematic centre:

Pilot Study 1: Adapted forest management at LTER Zöbelboden

This study focused on climate change adaptation in forests in the Austrian Alps where there is a growing level of uncertainty in relation to climate change impacts, and where the risks of incorrect silvicultural management are increasing.

Pilot Study 2: Climate change adaptation measures in Romanian agriculture

This study focused on the agricultural areas of Covasna and Caracal. Climate projections suggest that agricultural areas in Romania may be negatively affected by a number of changes predicted by regional climate models. Adaptation to the impacts of climate change through better crop system management will be facilitated by existing knowledge of response options to severe climate events.

A thematic centre report has been produced that summarises the activities of the thematic centre and the results of Pilot Studies 1 and 2. The individual pilot study reports are available for download under the respective tabs on this website.

Download: Thematic Centre Report: Forestry and Agriculture