Documents and reports

National Climate Change Strategy, 2013-2020: adopted by the Romanian Government in July 2013, the strategy proposes mitigation and adaptation measures for 13 sectors. (Romanian)  

Guide to Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change: contributes to the understanding of predicted climate change impacts up to 2030 via an analysis of long-term climate factors, economic development scenarios and aspects of natural systems. (Romanian) 

Fifth National Communication on Climate Change, 2010: provides information on Romania's implementation of objectives under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in terms of inventories, policies and measures to tackle the negative impacts of extreme climatic events on the environment. (English)

National Programme for Rural Development, 2007-2013: establishes policies and actions to improve competitiveness in the fields of agriculture, forestry and rural development. (Romanian)

Regional Action Plan for Water Scarcity and Drought Prevention for the Covasna Region, 2012: elaborated under the INTERREG IVC WATER CoRe project, this regional plan covers the actions necessary to improve water resources management in the region. (English)


Geo-referential Indicators System at Different Spatial and Temporal Scales to Assess the Vulnerability and Adaptation Capacities of Agro-ecosystems to Global Changes
: a project financed by the Sectoral Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which aims to adapt agricultural technologies to climate change. (Romanian)